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TASMAC London School of Business Shuts Shop

UK based TASMAC London School of Business has winded up it’s business activities in London. TASMAC has significance presence in the sub continent especially in India, TASMAC has distance learning arrangements from Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The Institute is affiliated to University of Wales.
According to source, students were informed about closing of it’s Institute in UK through email, claiming the reason to be as tightened visa rules which effected student inflow.
TASMAC has campuses in Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata in India. The fate of hundreds of students enrolled for courses in TASMAC are in a dilemma. Reacting to the situation Government of India has promised necessary help for students to ensure they are not adversely effected.
What are your views? What should be done to help these Students?

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  1. aNJk

    Its time to review the situation in the UK…. UKBA has resulted in many hundreds of colleges in the UK, in addition to TASMAC, to shut down…. The consequences for colleges have been profound causing substantial reputational damage, ruined relationships with staff and unhappy students….. Clearly UKBA seems to have overlooked the interests of the students and staff across the private colleges!

  2. Rohit

    It’s very unfortunate to know about closure of TASMAC London. On going through all the readings and facts, the clear understanding is that TASMAC London is just another case of a private college in the UK to shut down. Hundreds of other colleges have closed as a result of the UKBA regulations……Coming from the same Industry, appreciate the initiative by University of Wales and TASMAC on assisting students with transfer process to other partner colleges in the UK and India in addition to organizing a dedicated helpline for the same…

  3. Jonathan

    I think TASMAC is doing all it can currently and UK is digging itself in with tighter VISA norms and affecting quality education to take the lead.

  4. Sunil

    I totally understand that the news is a big concern to folks who have enrolled in TASMAC London. I am sure the management will come up with a fair and solid plan to ensure your investments are safe and in good hands. Being an alumni (2006 batch) myself I can assure you that TASMAC is legit (they have adhered to their commitments). I have my degree which is registered with the University of Wales. All the negative press is just to spread fear among the current crop of students and future prospects. So take a breather (the management is trust worthy).

    1. Jay

      This sounds assuring for all the TASMAC students…!!!

  5. Tamanna

    TASMAC’s classes are more enriching unlike a normal ‘strict’ school like college. There is something special about the staff at TASMAC…. I guess it’s the ‘values’. Our professors are absolutely exceptional, supportive and I owe so much to them. Thank you all so much for enlightening me and showing me the path of righteousness to lead this world. Im sure you will figure out ways to solve the current crisis…

  6. Jess

    Hi, I’m an Alumni of TASMAC, Pune (2009). Teaching management topics to experienced executives is a huge challenge to any Executive Program, and I am glad that I chose TASMAC as it lives up to the challenge exceedingly well. TASMAC’s expertly crafted Executive Program balances Curriculum, Experienced Teachers, and Classroom activities to perfection and gives us students a truly great experience. With an innovative pedigree, TASMAC delivers successfully what many others only promise….Regarding the current crisis on closure of TASMAC London, am convinced, as always, the leadership at TASMAC leadership ensure the best for students!

  7. Anju

    I have completed my MBA -HR (2010) from TASMAC Pune, and personally I found it to be an excellent place to gain Knowledge and expertise. The best part about the course is the Dissertation process as the attention that was given to me by my professors, throughout the programme and my Dissertation was exceptionally outstanding; honestly without this I would not have realized the application of taught concepts in real life. So I can assure you that every student will be taken care of by the Management.

  8. Ash

    I am pursuing my 2nd semester in TASMAC and would like to reassure all that classes at Tasmac Pune are absolutely normal. When I first heard about Tasmac London News, I was concerned about how this would affect my programme of study. We now realize that Tasmac London closure is primarily due to external environment in the UK and will not have any impact on students in India. Tasmac staff, including the Director, were available to answer all our queries. It was also encouraging to see a new batch inducted into the Programme a couple of weeks back.

  9. Jaya

    The Executive MBA programme at Tasmac is a value added programme and is really beneficial for the working professionals. Because of the news about Tasmac London’s closure across media, I re-evaluated my decision of joining the programme, but now I am glad I joined the programme. The Academic staff, being from various Industrial backgrounds, understands our perspective and helps us to apply the knowledge in the corporate world. The best part about my programme are my peers-Ambitious and Enthusiastic – this provides me with the perfect environment for an Executive Programme..

  10. Suman

    I am a student from Tasmac London and am looking at moving to India campus for completion of the course. I appreciate this step taken by the Tasmac Management.

  11. Rahul

    An MBA is only one such course where the learning outcomes are student driven. Typically, one only gets out of an MBA what one is willing to invest into the program. It is the participant’s investment of time, money, inclination and enthusiasm. As a Professional aspiring for a Career growth, MBA Degree is for Securing a Global Business Management Knowledge not for the Grades and it is totally taken care at TASMAC.


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