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Tamil Nadu opposes NEET UG, Wants to stay away from it

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa has reportedly written to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing the states unwillingness to accept the Medical CET which is to be held from 2013. In her letter, she states that Tamil Nadu has been following 69% reservation for Backward and Most Backward Communities and Scheduled Castes and Tribes in professional courses. If a medical CET is enabled in the state, it will unbalance the entire admission system in the state.

Last year Tamil Nadu was also among the states which opposed NEET UG on the grounds that the syllabus varied between the state & centre. Tamil Nadu also has a good number of students from regional medium, last year NEET UG was to be held only in English & Hindi; it would have created a problem. This year NEET UG will be held in vernacular languages, meaning that students can test the test in regional language also.

It is possible that Tamil Nadu will shy away from NEET UG even in 2013.

Share your views, do you think that Tamil Nadu influences centre to avoid NEET UG taking place in Tamil Nadu.

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  1. shashank sneham

    and i m sure,, manmohan would approve it on account of “some” dakshina

  2. R G Nath

    As per Supreme Court directions, the NEET UG should be conducted in May 2013 without giving exemption to any State to stay away from it.

  3. hari

    Stupid Jaya has taken thousands of crores as bribe from Pvt Medical Colleges management to halt this to enable them to sell the seats for 50 lakhs for MBBS and 1 crore for MD/MS.This is anti poor anti common man move

  4. amit

    ya shashank u r right. this is an another example of taking a lot of money by the state govt. through private medicle college.

  5. k.sowbarni

    we in tamilnadu is studying in a different sylabus,how can we write in cbse there is noneed for neet.

    1. John Melt

      NEET sylubus was given two years ago and every state Government also informed of the NEET two years ago to act accordingly. NEET Exam is announced as per the supreme court direction only. In Tamil Nadu large number of students were scoring 200/200 in 4 subjects. It is ridiculous why such students were fearing for NEET. Students do well in NEET and capture all 15% national quota seat bring laurel to Tamilnadu.

  6. John Melt

    NEET should be conducted in Tamilnadu and pondicherry. Why they seek exemption? And Why they are not opposing the IIT exam(JEE). Now Student can write in Tamil also. NEET does not interfere with any state reservation system it is just a Eligiblity test like TET exam which is conducted by Tamilnadu.


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