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RTI Can be Used to Revaluate Answer Sheets – SC

The Supreme Court has passed a rule under Right to Information Act, students who believe their marks are compromised can check their answer sheets on how they are awarded marks. Class X, Class XII, Entrance exams for professional courses and job interviews are covered under the new rule.
Sometimes it is possible that the marks on the answer sheets are mistaken while calculating the total marks for the exam or the marks were never awarded for certain questions. Earlier only revaluation was allowed where the issues like mistake in total was considered through RTI act. With the new rule in place now it is possible that the students verify their answer sheets by moving the application under the RTI act.
What do you think? Isn’t this a good move! Do you have experiences of wrong valuation in your results? Share your views here.
Source: Times of India
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  1. supreet nagpal

    It is indeed much awaited decesion as there are chances of human error. I experienced horrible result , at least 20% less than my performance at 12th cbse.
    What is the procedure that I have to follow to get revaluation of my sheets under rti act?

  2. kashikar

    I am a running a software consultancy, for the past 20 years, My age is around 50 year, I appeared IELTS examination More the 5 time, I am quiet surprise that in reading I am always getting 4 to 4.5 band which highly impossible, Now I fed up with this examination. I found there is no person who can communicate directly with the candidate at British council whenever asking for help there is no one to help for those candidate, who want some clarification. I would like to ask them on 1) average how may candidates were got 7 band in the previous five exam.
    2) I am confused whether the question are asked in the exam are hypothetical basis or actual what is available in the paragraph.
    3) If in such a highly profile education center the candidate who are not getting proper help then where the candidate will go to find out where they are wrong. I feel this is unfare
    I am have more then 10 to 12 candidate who wants to complete their IELTS but due the unCooperation from British Council and IDB

  3. vinay

    I am pursuing 2nd year from panjab university ,Chandigarh . I got failed in two subjects and got 20 and 15 marks …so i decided to go for revaluation …but when i got to know about my revalued marks i got shocked …. the marks which were earlier 20 reduced to 13 ….But i am sure that my exam hadn’t went bad that i would get 13 …..So in this case what should i do . Is there anything under RTI from which i can get help …because i am so sure that i can’t get mere 13 marks …Sir please help me .. i am in a big trouble .. i never get failed earlier …

  4. surendra mishra

    kindly let me know the period/ duration to which answer sheets of cbse exam can be revaluated as per Supreme Court directive under RTI act 2013


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