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You Can Now Report Comments

Dear readers,
Earlier we have noticed several users suffered because of foul words used by other users, it is time that we take it seriously and have a mechanism to enable flagging of comments. We are happy that ‘Reporting comments’ is been in place, next to the reply button below each comment you will find another button as ‘Report comment’.
So every user will have the ability to report us the comments which contains personal abuses or not to be used words. We will look into it, please note that we need a minimum threshold to consider the comment as inappropriate only then it will be under moderation.
Rest assured we don’t involve with your privacy; you are free to express your views, infact this system is introduced to protect you. Have a good time with and many thanks for all the users who have been participating in the discussions.
Love you all!

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  1. Prince

    very gud srikanth…..
    Luv u too…!!!!!!


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