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Private medical colleges & state governments can conduct their own medical entrance exam – SC

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has conducted NEET-PG for postgraduate medical admissions for the academic year 2013-2014, prior to the test MCI has made NEET-PG mandatory for all states and all medical colleges including private medical colleges and universities. Challenging the MCI’s move several private medical colleges have approached the apex court, on Thursday Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the private medical colleges.

Private medical colleges and State Governments can conduct their own medical entrance exam for postgraduate medical courses. The apex court has taken it’s stance after observing that few medical colleges have already conducted the medical entrance exam. NEET-PG was concluded last month which was an online exam. It was the first such medical entrance exam conducted by MCI, National Board of Examination (NBE) has been the responsible body for conducting NEET-PG. NBE has taken technical support from Prometric, the test reported no technical glitches.

Based on the verdict given by the apex court on validity of NEET-PG, the question thus arises is whether NEET-UG will also see similar such problems. Post the test will other medical colleges, universities and state governments conduct their own medical entrance exam? The core idea behind the national level test barring all other medical entrance exams is to lessen the burden on the students, students have to fill up several entrance exam forms and pay application form fees for all tests. One test on other side reduces the financial burden, however the timing of the test is questionable.

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  1. deepak

    Thank god..!! Finally Justice served..!!:)

  2. sks270

    there should be single entrance test……neet ug should happen this year…..

  3. Vani

    Omg..wt d hell? ? Finaly..thngs r cmg 2 d track nw wts wrng vit supreme court… I hpe d verdict is nly 4 pg course… Nd nt 4 ug..

    1. sks270

      i also hope so……

  4. B K GUPTA

    Bandarbat started for pvt medical colleges. Havens have fallen for munnabhais and our great piilticians who run their own colleges.

  5. Narender

    Even after 66 years of independence Govts. could not create adequate medical education facilities. Ignorance of Medical Education facilities by Govts, has lead to mushrooming of Private Colleges. Being private they must be at liberty to sell their product the way they wish. Who is the Govt. to stop them? Of course it is their product and they are not farmers (For farmers Govt fixes the price of their produce and the place where they can sell). The decision of the apex court is a welcome step towards extending a helping hand to Private Colleges to save their interest to sell their product the way they wish.

  6. seetharaman

    till uniform syllabus is there or all students are at par in plus two curriculam there is no meaning in conducting NEET forever. Hence insists for uniform syllabus prior to talking about NEET

  7. till uniform syllabus is there or all students are at par in plus two curriculam there is no meaning in conducting NEET forever. Hence insists for uniform syllabus prior to talking about NEET.

  8. I fully agree that private medical colleges, whose job is to sell the medical degree are always trying to find the means to stop neet, court should not support them.

  9. B.S.Mathur

    The reason behind this must be that already some of the private colleges have conducted Pre PG entrance.From next yesr this should not be allowed.MCI guidelines has to be followed in every respect.Better hope for next year for all the deserving candiadates who fail to seek admission sue to heavy donations.

  10. If they think they can buy medical degree by money MCI should not recognise their degree and not allow to practice until they clear exam.we are struggling day and night for a seat and they are buying seats easily its not fair Govt. and Supreme court must think it.

  11. R G Nath

    As the CMC Vellore was permitted by the SC to collect applications and conduct its own Entrance Examinations for UG and PG admissions for the academic year 2013-2014 with a condition that it should not declare the results of the Exams until further orders of the Court, most of the Private Medical Colleges[Minority and Non-minority] in India have approached the Courts[High Courts or Supreme Court] to exempt them from the NEETs[UG and PG].Similarly,when Tamil Nadu is exempted from the NEETs, most of the States will definitely approach the Courts for exemption from the NEETs. Finally there will be no NEET at all in India.Even GOD can not save India!

    1. jesy

      we are wndering why the court has no power to ruled its rules they also listining the private colleges they are nourshing the colleges with huge amount why cmc vellore is conducting their own exam they are taking their children only that is why they are aganist please ruled fast for the innocent students who takes many paints in writng your NEET is it a joke


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