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Murthy Says IITs Need a Better Selection Process

Infosys Chairman Emeritus N.R Narayana Murthy addressing hundreds of IITians in ‘Pan IIT Summit’ in New York has said IITs have to rethink on their selection process. He had expressed concerns on the current selection method which IITs are practicing currently, he said coaching institutes take the bigger pie in sending ineligible candidates for the IITs. Students who can master problems and practice books given to them by these coaching Institutes can clear the IITJEE. Unfortunately these students only possess knowledge on problems which are taught in their coaching Institutes.
Unlike IIMs which have a rigorous selection process, such as CAT Score, Group Discussion & Personal Interview. IITs merely admit students based on the IITJEE score, this leaves loop holes for selection into IITs. A students is assessed only one parameter the written test (IITJEE), deserving students who have extra curricular and talent beyond books have no scope if the IITJEE wasn’t good for them.
Recently IITs are in the process of doing away with the old methodology i.e IITJEE and are moving pawns to create a test which will take academics, extra curricular activities into consideration (similar to SAT). The new SAT like entrance test might help solve the problems on the other side ex IITians have started a protest against the government’s proposal of doing away with IITJEE.
So what are your views, do IITs need to change the selection process?

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  1. guru

    IIT does not produce soft were rnginners. they are taught for Enginnering where knowledge is required not only extra activity.. so callled.. bull shit all this… take jee narayan.. then u will know

    1. sach

      May be guru needs English classes before writing comments

  2. Ankit

    I dont think Mr. Murthy has identified the real cause of the problem.
    1. The IITJEE is one of the toughest exam in the world and those students who clear it already carry a certain set of unique skills. If there is disagreement in that I wonder if anyone at IITs who plans this test is even clear what the JEE tests in students.
    Even getting into top notch US engg schools isnt as difficult as getting into IIT.
    2. Clearing an exam is not a matter of luck, if it would have been anyone could have done it.
    2.Those students who clear the JEE exam go through a 4 year grooming process( the IIT experience) , before the companies hire them or before they go for research.
    This is where the problem lies.This 4 year experience needs to be refined and brought to the international levels.
    As everyone from IIT may uniequivocally refute that the standards of IIT are international , the problem is that these are not.
    The logic given by Mr. Murthy that just because a student of 12th standard doesnt have strong quant skills he doesnt make a good engineer is laughable to say the least. My point —> if the student doesnt have such strong quant skills what do the IITs do in the 4 years he spends there. Do they even help the student or just churn him out putting a brand to his head.

  3. AKR

    Person who appeared for IIT JEE he knows that it is really difficult to get good score in entrance exam. And It is so concept based problems that there is no thumb rule or magic stick to solve these problems without having in depth subject knowledge. Moreover I don’t think so that coaching centres are doing any bad with the students in fact what I believe that they are really filling out the gap between the 12th standard of our board education system and the standard required for the students to get into IIT. I don’t believe that there is any short cut to IITJEE.

  4. kumar

    Actualy when murthy was in iit that time there were no reservation in premium institute so all student were having same level of knowldge now how u can expect reserve catagary student to perform the same as murthy batch.
    In his time IIT were taking test only in english medium so student dont face problem after joining iit now hindi is also included so selected student face problem in as courses are in english only.
    our poltician is trying to spoil these premium institute now even they are asking reservation in faculty u can understand future of IIT.
    the current jee system is good this a aspirant can understand now level of comptetion is increased so iit is getting more talanted student.

  5. While blaming coaching classes on the decline in quality of IIT entrants, Mr. Narayana Murthy omitted to tell his audience that he himself has been benefiting from the money-spinning IIT admission test preparation business.
    Catamaran, Mr. Murthy’s private equity firm, has invested Rs 25 million in ACE, a Bangalore–based test preparation firm that offers training for the IIT-Joint Entrance Examination, AIEEE, PMPD, CBSE-11 and 12, CET, Foundation IIT and NTSE.

    1. shobhit

      making profits is being a business man..n speaking on what he feels make him a person to look forward to..


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