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Can MCI Play Handy Role in Organizing NEET

Million dollar question hunting thousands of students and parents is about the ‘Common Medical Entrance Tests’ for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses proposed by the Medical Council of India (MCI). NEET PG has almost got ruled out, atleast till 2013; all eyes are now set on the “National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG)’ which is under constant discussion between State higher education officials and MCI. Honestly a cause of worry for parents and students, as no one knows what is the final outcome.
Questions raised right from the day MCI announced about the common medical entrance test, MCI was taken to the supreme court the apex court has ruled in favor of the Medical Council of India, stating the court doesn’t want to involve in matters related to education as the court is not an expert in judging education matters. Following nod from the supreme court, MCI had published the syllabus draft for proposed NEET UG and publicly invited feedback for correction in syllabus; a total of 1970 feedbacks were received till midnight on the deadline (11th August 2011).
Two and half months passed the final version of syllabus is not yet announced; media and sources reported that NEET UG will be held on May 13, 2011 (not an official announcement). So MCI anytime could go back and reverse it’s decision as they haven’t announced it officially. NEET PG was officially announced and MCI website stated that it will be held in January or February 2012 but NEET PG was ruled out and sources reported it unofficially.
The biggest question in every one’s mind would be will MCI play a handy role in organizing NEET UG? What trust can anyone have on MCI & CBSE. Ex President of MCI Ketan Desai was mooted with corruption charges and CBI had arrested him on April 22, 2010; the main allegation was for accepting bribe to permit Patiala-based Gyan Sagar Medical College to recruit a fresh batch of students without having adequate infrastructure. Now MCI has a will to eradicate student burden and reduce stress among students by introducing a common medical entrance test (as a sudden surprise); which means MCI expects that students learn and work on new syllabus in the last 5 to 6 months and secure admission in Medical colleges of India.
The syllabus MCI proposed was prepared by NCERT which has given due weight to CBSE curriculum ignoring what each state board students are being taught. India is better known as a country with diversified population spanned across 28 states with each state having it’s own regional language; thousands of students study in regional languages. Typically these are students who come from lower middle class families who can’t afford education in private schools and colleges. MCI strikes on the inability of these poor students by asking them to take the test in English or Hindi. The question to be asked is how many government schools teach English? how many schools under the state government or purely English medium schools?
State governments are asking for vernacular languages and MCI was cornered again, unless chief ministers of each state sign on the proposal to accept NEET nothing is going to change and chief ministers will be more concerned towards it’s states students than obeying MCI.
Instead of fixing issues in the system, why do the central government plays with the students; unless and until there is a normalized syllabus across all boards how can all students be combined in one pool; said a medical college professor speaking to who identified himself as Dr. Ravi Babu from a private medical college in Andhra Pradesh.
Central board of Education (CBSE) the conducting body of the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) had failed last year in holding AIEEE as a peaceful test; paper leak in Lucknow, miscommunication and poor presence of mind resulted in anger of many students against the CBSE. Students and parents demanded a retest for AIEEE 2011 for all students which CBSE refused, now MCI has roped in CBSE to organize NEET UG after being rejected by AIIMS. So can CBSE do justification for both AIEEE & NEET UG which are nation wide entrance tests.
Private colleges are questioning the timing of NEET, an NGO firm has filed a PIL against MCI for proposing NEET. Andhra Pradesh has earlier agreed for NEET by ruling out EAMCET, reportedly AP is now asking for exception from NEET in 2012. So the state has two minds only to confuse students a bit more than earlier. Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and few others were never ready for NEET UG it is still unclear as what MCI finally does. Will it opt out and sit quietly and maintain register of doctors or will it involve and face these challenges?
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  1. Subhankar

    U r just amazing! A great article. Really big issues….. MCI n CBSE proved very well that they are just hopeless. CBSE is planning for looting the medical seats for its students. This will led the Indian education system towards privatisation as most of the schools following CBSE are private.

    1. amishams

      to curb menace of seat selling by private colleges and games played by all state governments regarding availability of seats in center quota . Single entrance with centralized counseling is the need of the day. But NEET will never be implemented like jan lok pal bill because of vested interests of politicians ( almost all private medical colleges are run by the black money of politicians )

  2. Lovepreet singh

    In my point of view MCI and CBSE just play with the carrear of students if they conduct NEET this year because nobody knows date time venue etc. of the exam till today and nobody talk about those students who were drop this year for pmt. they can’t afford one more year if they fail this year also which is likely to be done with such type of issues

  3. Naresh

    Hi Srikanth,
    Well, in any new system there would always be advantages and disadvantages. One has to weigh both and take a call. In case of NEET, the advantages are loaded in favor of it. So, in my opinion, in a diversified country like India, we cannot hope to achieve an ideal situation for implementing NEET.
    Take for instance, the Lak Pal Bill, we have been looking out for ideal situation to introduce the bill for 43 yrs. Have we been able to introduce this? No, the vested interests would always try to stop any good moves in this country citing one or the other reason. In the case of NEET, it was originally planned in 2011. Was it allowed to happen? No, some politicians interfered and stopped. Of course at that time, the odds were slightly loaded against NEET.
    Now, this year definitely the conditions are in favour of NEET and it is aptly reflected in Career Mitra Polls itself. We should take it forward and clinch NEET in 2012.
    There is no point keep accusing MCI. MCI being a typical Govt organisation has to balance its each step without antagonising the stake holders. Its cautious and careful approach is delaying its process. Once a considerable consensus is arrived, I am sure MCI would not hesitate to announce NEET.
    For all these years, CBSE has been very successful in holding both AIEEE and AIPMT. For one blemish last year, for no fault of its’, we cannot look at them cynically. Currently, they have the requisite infrastructure and experience to hold NEET and we should impose trust on them and let them conduct the exam.
    NEET is in the air and media seriously since Aug 2010. MCI and Central Govt had held several discussions with all the States and sufficient notice had already been given. But, it is quiet unfortunate that several States slept on this and at last minute are raising hue and cry. I feel, they are worried about their vote bank. These State Govts should realise that there is still 7 months to go for the exams. In this period, they can organise special classes for the students to coach them for NEET. What I could see is that the deviation in syllabus is about 30%. When Schools can teach 100% of its State syllabus in 10 months or lesser time, is it not possible for them to teach 30% in 7 months??? I feel the detractors are playing the BLAME GAME to scuttle NEET. These persons, the vested interests, would continue to play the blame game to see that it is always kept in the back burner. Gosh!! what a wretched country is this……????

    1. Srikanth

      Hi Naresh,
      What about the students who are studying in regional medium schools can they be trained to understand medical terminology in English? Are these students from lower middle class families not eligible for medical education? Education is not a commodity it is a fundamental right of our constitution.
      Thanks for your views!

      1. sunil

        very true
        i want to thnks 2 u srikant for ur grt work done on herr u feel the real problem of state board

      2. VIJAY M KIRI

        Hi Srikanth,
        Great job again.Hats off to you yaar!!!.It could not have been more practical and simpler than this.

      3. Naresh

        Hi Srikanth,
        I appreciate your concern.
        From various press reports, it is apparent that MCI and AP Govt had assured that regional language students can take the test in local language. I hope this language option would be extended to other States too, especially Gujarat, West Bengal etc.

  4. dr. chandra

    as for my views i don’t support neet because it is too late for any change in pattern. people u all need to understand that vernacular language is only a reason being given by states , the truth is that they won,t let it happen. sc may be with mci but u saw what happened with neet pg, same will happen with neet ug. even if mci declares the test state govt. will put a stay on it and anyway it will get cancelled. about a week back i spoke to my friend in delhi to find out about neet. ha said that mci has run into trouble with pvt . colleges. it will be hard for mci to conduct the exam.

  5. Dr.nagesh babu, bahrain

    Hi,I will write about scenario in AP.Now students are preparing for state syllabus for both Inter and EMCET.They have announced dates for inter exams which will be on March 2nd.How people sitting in Delhi decide that they should learn CBSE syllabus now and appear for NEET.What about students studying in Telugu medium?They do not have books also in telugu for CBSE syllabus.If you are planning NEET,plan after 2 years.First make CBSE as compulsory syllabus for all students in India so that every one prepares in the same way. Do not play with students career by your decisions.

  6. purna(west bengal)

    Thanks Srikanth for writing an excellent article. The problems of state language students are reflected in your article very well.

  7. jony joshua

    tired of the bloody games mci is playing. why don’t they just cancel it and conduct it from 2014. we state board students have been put into fix. neet won’t be possible in a country like india and when so many states are opposing this means that their must be some problem with neet.
    mci plz for god sake just clear your stand.

  8. Dr Vivekanand Paul

    Totally agree with the views of amishams….

  9. KAPPU

    NO NEET PZ. we are worried. tamil govt. not telling us what is going on. we in problem . neet there or not. mci should declare it or not.

  10. rahul

    its just very hurtful to hear that ,now indian education system is declining day by day. unscrouplus people play their bloody political games. they didnt left education system also… hey frnds now the days r not far away dat we were not even able to say that atleast our education system is good….

  11. Prince

    i support neet… Neet is a must in india so that poor bt meritorious students can also get seat in medical colleges…
    Neet should be there in 2012 but question paper must be in regional language too….
    Mci plz understand this yaar….

  12. GAPPU

    Its a fair deal on the part that medical books in india are not available in regional language also the medium of instruction is english. How come these students will survive in the rigourous mbbs curriculum. Even our neighbour who conducted medical cet this year had an additional english language paper in the test. Sreeshant likes batting like bradman that doesn’t mean he will become bradman

    1. b k gupta

      Yes, NEET will play a handy role in Organising NEET.People have seen the horse trading for MBBS admission in the past in pvt medical colleges. English is international languaage and being understood by most part of the world. Therefore, I am of the opinion that NEET should be only conducted in English becasue whole MMBS course is in English. There are example that people from village back ground had become remowned doctors in the country. Regional language was not a brrrier for them. If it was not a barrier for them, then Why now. I presume. there is a lobby of powerful polticians who are opposing it as NEET will prevent their “Malai” incoome. Let India should produce good doctors on merit and not through back door entry through merit manipulation strategy adopted by Pvt medical colleges. If NEET will not happen I am of the strong opionion there will be a bigger scam than commonwealth games or 2G spectrum. NEET is the necessity of the day to prevent bigger scam and allow admission through merit.

    2. Y Das

      Certanly, MCI can play a major role in conducting the NEET-UG wef 2012 onwards.
      I am praying to almighty & currupts….. for giving MCI officials & CBSE all support,strength & courage to go ahead with their mission & not just to keep the register of doctors only & watch the tamasha going on.
      Jai Hind.

  13. sunil

    amazing work srikant sir
    this is not a right time for a national exam in the mid of the session……………..

    1. b k gupta

      Lot of questions are being raised based on Syllabus appearing on MCI WEB site. Can anybody has given the suggestion to MCI regarding this. Have we seen the final syllabus. If Not, why to make hue and cry?. We are blaming AIEE for papaer leakage but that was canceeled immediately. Had any Pvt Medical college had paper leakeage reported in the past. I think no, beacuse everty thing is well settled before exam is conducted. Regarding handling of NEET , I am of the firm opinion CBSE is having the capabilty to conduct the exam in line with AEEE pattern. They have infrastracture till some body in CBSE joins the hand with Merit mainpulative colleges. A study need to be carried out what is the percenatge of last year in which students have appeared in regional languages.Can carreer Mitra come out with detail.

      1. Prince

        i fully agree with bk gupta.

  14. suresh

    this exam will not possible in 2012 some officials said of mci…………

  15. Ramareddy

    The introduction of Neet in the middle of the current academic year will increase the mental and physical burden on the students.MCI should ensure that the plus two sylabus ismade uniform all over India before starting a single entrance test. First slowly introduce NEET PG ( where the sylabus is already the same allover India as prescribed by MCI ) and after a few years time start NEET UG. If NEET UG is introduced now without giving the students an advance notice of atleast 3 years , we can expect mental breakdown of many of our bright students . MCI & Union government will be fully responsible for the sad plight of the student community.Our politicians must take control of the situation and stop introducing NEET for the timebeing. Parents , teachers and our lawmakers wakeup now and act for the benefit of our poor bright students , who can not afford to join costly coaching classes

  16. Subhankar

    There will be NO NEET UG in WEST BENGAL.. Today Education minister said, bengal will hold its own mdcl entrance. CM Miss Mamata Banerjee already sent a letter to MCI. I jst saw the news.

  17. purna

    The Education Minister of West Bengal Mr. Bratya Basu declared that West Bengal Joint Entrance Board will take the WBJEE Medical 2012. In this matter the Chief Minister Of West Bengal Miss. Mamata Banerjee sent a letter to Central Govt.

  18. Brar

    MCI has released the final syllabus for neet-ug. Check on their site.

  19. shrey

    having NEET was extremely important and what the mci is planing is absolutely correct.. appearing for 24 exams was simply stupidity… mci and cbse have done a great job by making it easier for students.. and those who are preparing for their state exams cant question mci coz it was well informed in the very beginning of 2011 the common entrance on cbse pattern will possibaly be held.. its their fault that they dint pay attention to mci announcements and kept studying 4 their state exams..

    1. the game changer



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