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Karnataka Not Ready For NEET Even in 2013

Karnataka chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda assured that the state will not switch over to NEET UG in 2012 & 2013. He has written to the union health & welfare minister Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad seeking exemption till the I & II PUC syllabus is revamped (to suit NEET UG syllabus).
Recently MCI & Union Health Minister couldn’t defend the proposal in Supreme Court to defer NEET UG till 2013. Even before the hearing in supreme court is due, CBSE has announced the prelims & main examination dates for AIPMT 2012.
Banaras Hindu University & Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has announced dates for MBSS & BDS course common entrance exams. COMED-K notification indicated that Karnataka is not with NEET UG in 2012 anyway.
The center hasn’t taken the decision and announced that NEET UG is completely putoff till 2013; unofficial talk around is that despite the supreme court’s opposing views MCI & CBSE might defer NEET UG to 2013.
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    The reasons for this request from Karnataka CM may be any and will be interpreted differently BY various groups.However logically CM is very right from the point of view of state board students who require time to adjust to the new syllabus.

  2. GURU


  3. b k gupta

    Sh A Raja and Sh Kalmadi are also logically correct.


      Lagta hai ki state board walon ne koi gehri chot di hai.

      1. b k gupta

        state board se koi problem nahi kiri, problem to state board ki aad me pvt medical college ke dalal se hai.

  4. kumar

    Karnatka, ap and tamilinadu will never ready as they get huge money from pvr college

  5. the game changer

    Amendment to pave way for holding NEET from 2013
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    Determined to postpone the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) 2012 for medical graduates by a year, the Health Ministry is seeking amendment to a notification that would legally pave way for holding the test from 2013.
    The move comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent refusal to accept its demand to defer conducting of the NEET, scheduled for May 13, 2012 for the next academic session of 2013-14.
    “Since the apex court has refused to intervene in the matter, now we have no option but to amend the notification (dated December 21, 2010) to postpone the examination date for May 2013. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has already sent a proposal in this regard to the Health Ministry for its approval,” sources told The Pioneer.
    However, the case has brought to the fore the ineffectiveness of the present Board of Governors (BOG) of the MCI, headed by Dr KK Talwar, which remained a mute spectator in the whole episode. In fact, it acted as desired by the Health Ministry, which was opposed to NEET from the day it was conceived in 2010 by the MCI BOG led by Dr SK Sarin.
    Sources said, the current BOG could have appealed the Court to allow it to hold the NEET in the non-objecting states. “The CBSE was ready to hold the examination. Conducting it in some states would have given the Council an idea about the logistics as well as its efficacy.”
    Last year, the MCI had submitted before the court that the notification had been approved by the Centre as early as in August 2010, a claim contested by the Health Ministry.
    Clearly under pressure from the Ministry, the MCI made a U-turn in the court recently saying that with many States such as Goa and Maharashtra opposing the national-level common entrance test at under-graduate and post graduate levels, it is not in a position to implement it from 2012-13.

  6. b k gupta

    @Srikant sir,
    Karnataka Govt ki ye baat to Azad saheb pahuncha dijiye. Sh Azad has issued a statement that they conduct NEET from 2013 but is Sh Azad is unaware the stand of Sh Gowda Saheb. Can U give me the mail ID of Sh Azad.

  7. No argument is convincing to justify the postponement of NEET UG 2012. Different syllabus or option of writing only in English or Hindi these are the lame excuses. We have the example of common entrance test for IITs. No one is raising any question of vernacular of syllabus for this prestigious test. By not allowing a uniform entrance test for medical aspirants, those how are at helm of affairs wants to influence the outcome. No one can save India. It will remain corrupt and those who seek mental peace will get settled in some abroad. First reservation will lead to compromise the quality of stuff and then different states will churn out different quality of doctors from their cottage industries. Perhaps, we as Indian deserve to be ruled by corrupt politicians otherwise how an issue on which there is Supreme Court ruling may not be got materialized? Let’s see how the court reacts on this state of affairs.
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  8. Shanu

    I think it is foolish to conduct single entrance exam in a vast country like India…
    The job of MCI is to ensure standard of education is maintained… not conducting exams and making laws…
    I hope NEET never gets materialized

    1. nassi

      It is proposed by medical council of India (MCI) to conduct common entrance test for medical admission (NEET) from 2013 onwards.
      This is causing lot of apprehensions among parents and students.
      A common entrance test may be a good idea. But, different states have different state boards, matriculation system etc… and each have separate syllabus. Hence the students from different state boards and matriculation systems are exposed to lesser standard of education compared to those studied in ICSE and CBSE patterns. Hence a common medical entrance for state board students and CBSE students is not justified at present.
      Before conducting a common test, the syllabus of plus-2 education has to be unified throughout India in a phased manner duly scrapping CBSE, State boards etc. Also, the teachers of state boards and other boards shall be given sufficient coaching and orientation training to take lessons as per new syllabus. This is a process to be completed over few years. Then only common entrance shall be considered.
      When equal opportunity is given to all, then only common entrance can be justified.
      It is highly injustice to test students of different state boards, matriculation CBSE, ICSE etc.. by a common test, as proposed by MCI.
      This injustice is just a game with future of innocent students from state boards and matriculation systems!


    The syllabus of different state are different. First of all syllabus to be made uniform over the India. Then MCI has to declare NEET exam in all regional language.

  10. Sanket Joshi

    NEET examination should not be conducted in Karnataka this year as no one is ready for the CBSE syllabus examinations.. The syllabus has to be made uniform all over India the same and then it has to be conducted and we Karnataka students are not at all ready for such kind of exam.

  11. Prof s m hatturkar

    please dont play with the life of the can a student studying state syllabus appear for cbse syllabus exam?. can he compete? Think your-self.Is there any benefit for the government ?

  12. So are we students supposed to prepare for NEET or KCET?? When will they declare a final solution?

    1. Srikanth

      You have to prepare for NEET UG, as Karnataka accepted NEET UG.


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