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IITs Planning for a SAT Like Entrance Test

IITs are planning for a SAT like entrance test to replace Joint Engineering Entrance Examination (JEE) and AIEEE, the new entrance test will give weightage for class XII marks. IIT Council which held a meeting yesterday had discussed about holding a common entrance test for engineering colleges through out India. However the committe had made it clear that approval has to come from the State governments, if the state governments oppose then the SAT like entrance test will only be applicable to IITs and NITs from the year 2013.

HRD Minister Shri Kapil Sibal has stressed for a common entrance test for both technical and management courses. Earlier we had reported about the possibility of common entrance test for management colleges, similarly a common entrance test for medical colleges was also proposed by MCI for UG, PG & SS courses.

The idea is to reduce stress and financial burden on students; currently students have to prepare for multiple entrance examinations for engineering IITJEE, AIEEE, State based engineering entrance exam and BITSAT etc. Similarly for management colleges the tests are CAT, FMS Entrance Test, SNAP, MAT, XAT, ATMA and so on. IITs and FMS have welcomed CAT from this academic year by doing away with JMET & FMS Entrance Test respectively, if a common entrance test is in place more Institutes will welcome the move.

The issue of increased suicides among IITs was also discussed and a task force is likely to set up which consists of family members, faculty members and experts to help students manage stress. Recently we had reported about a suicide case of an IIT Patna girl; the task force objective will be to stop students from taking such ill matured steps. Students should rather learn to accept defeat, manage stress and understand that everyday you can’t get 100 out of 100 in the tests or academics.

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  1. Mayank rajani

    I dont think d new pattern is accurate. U cannot have a common entrance test for india’s best as well as worst colleges.

  2. Sunil

    Oh my god… As an ex-IITian I am very sad to hear this… The brand name of IITs will be completely diluted if they select students on the basis of Board exams…. We all know how much useless memorizing is needed to score 99% in these Board exams…No conceptual clarity is needed.. I think Kapil Sibal is doing this to help some foreign universities to open their shops here.

  3. dilip

    kapil sibal has no expertise in engineering subjects. He first concentrate on primary education system.

  4. Saurabh Srivastava

    This is such a terrible thing. Is Mr. Sibbal trying to get those powerful people’s relatives a seat in IITs or what. Does he has any respect for the brand of IIT?? I really dont think so. The so called survey done by the committee dint even consider it important to take views from the ex or current iitians. This is POLITICS my friend and this is INDIA.

  5. Sudipta Rudra

    Mr Kapil Sibal is doing wrong thing. He should improve the rank of IIT in worlds top universities but he is diluting the standard of IIT by imposing board exams .The students are also getting suffered as there is no universal unbiased method of checking board results.

  6. Amarsinh

    There Is A Request For Any One Who Organizes These Exams To Do Anything But Soon.Because By This The Nor Institution Nor The Faculties Suffer, It Is the Students Who Suffer.First Of All The Batch Of 2013 Is Not Going to have stste examsand on top of these the IIT’s are Also Trying to Cancel The JEE’s……………


    Though the proposed changes are not welcome,but atleast Mr Sibal should announce the final version of test latest by 31.12.2011,so that students
    should have adequate time to prepare for the new pattern exam.

  8. Sudhir Kumar

    In a globalized world we should think global way of doing things. If Ivy League universities select students on the basis of SAT, what is so exclusive about IIT (even IIT does not figure within 100 top universities in the world ranking)? Is IIT better than MIT? How many Nobel laureates have been from IIT? I think all the noises are coming from coaching walah. For protecting an industry of 10,000 crore, we are seeing more bogus arguments here against SAT like EE. As a parent I will be relieved when I will not be bound for sending my kid to Kota or some other commercial coaching walah. Thanks Kapil.

    1. dilip

      Americans are not thinking about IIT but we indian always think about American university.There is coaching industry in each country.and we do not change system because of coaching . Thanks Coaching’s teacher because of them some underpriviledged students get in best college.

    2. SHEKHAR

      It is relatively easy to get into IVY leagues then IIT. IIT’s fall short only on research parameters as they were not designed keeping research as the main objective but to give working engineers to the country. Moreover adequate funds required for research were never alloted to them. MIT too did not produce Nobel laureates in their initial years & IIT’s have a long way to go. Many non kota students too get in to IIT, the trend is shifting and kota students are on the decline. our students when they enter american universities are seen in awe, Obama also praises them, the trend of same foreign companies now queue at IIT for placement is increasing why?

  9. ADITI

    This information will defiantly help for the peoples who want to try in IITs, My opinion is if you are studying in IIT, or Normal colleges both are same, If you have goal to do something you will do 🙂


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