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IIT Bombay Wants to Set up Campus in New York

Forget about the entry of foreign varsities in India, exactly the reverse is what IIT Bombay wants. A proposal was submitted to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) as an intent to set up campus in New York City. NYCEDC is the New York City’s primary engine responsible for the development of New York City by assisting in growth of economy, real estate, education, transport etc.
IIT-Bombay plans to start post-graduate programmes in five disciplines at the proposed campus in New York. A detailed proposal is expected to be produced by the end of October 2011. Having a campus in economically advanced countries and cities will help engage talented individual students and faculty.
The proposal was accessed by Indian Express, excerpt below:
“The students at IITB-NY campus will receive excellent quality of education, exposure to Indian culture and business practices. Budding entrepreneurs at the proposed campus will find a landing space in India through a well-established business incubator and a window to an economy slated to be the world’s largest by 2050.”
What do you think? Should more Indian Universities set up campuses outside of India? Share your thoughts!
Source: Indian Express
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