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IIMs May Give Out Degrees Instead Of Diplomas

As a major boost to already renowned Business Schools of our Country the IIMs may soon start giving out degrees instead of diplomas. IIMs being autonomous bodies don’t have the power to offer degrees they give Diplomas, mostly PGPs (Post Graduate Programme) in Management. According to a report HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said to have agreed for the proposal of considering offering degrees by IIMs.

The move aims to gain acceptability world wide there by students passing out from IIMs are given a berth for further studies abroad. So far Diplomas offered by IIMs were not valid for pursuing research in abroad. Sibal according to the report has told to reporters that he will discuss the modalities of giving the power to IIMs to grant degrees.

This eventually may become a major beak through, as IIMs may also hop on to undergraduate or integrated management courses in the near future. One such notable course being the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) offered by IIM Indore. The course which was launched last year came to light as and when it was announced. The notification for the second batch of IPM has also been announced, earlier it was the HRD Ministry who ruled out the possibility of offering a degree course by IIM Indore. The course when announced was a composite of two courses one being a bachelor’s degree (after 3 years) and the other the master’s degree part. Students were getting an opportunity to with draw after 3 years if they wish to.

HRD Minsitry had to say ‘NO’ stating IIMs doesn’t have the authority to grant degrees, hence the course was a compulsory 5 year integrated management programme.

If IIMs have the power to offer degrees just like Universities it is possible to have undergraduate courses from IIMs too.

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  1. amit chaturvedi

    Similar is the case with Institution sestablished under acts of Parliament in india Like CA, CS, CWA.


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