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IIM A & IIM B Students have the highest average GMAT scores in the world – Report

According to QS Global 200 Business Schools report by, IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore students have the highest average GMAT scores in the world. The average GMAT score of IIM Bangalore is at 780 while the average GMAT score at IIM Ahmedabad is at 767, the scores are ahead of the leading US Institution Stanford (GMAT Avg: 730) and INSEAD in Europe (GMAT Avg: 704).

The QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2012 further stated that Indian MBA candidates are the world’s most academically distinguished. IIM Ahmedabad has been named among the three Asian Schools in the Elite Global category. IIM Kolkata and IIM Bangalore are in the Emerging Global category with GMAT averages 700  & 780 respectively. In the Elite Regional Business School category, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research has been chosen among the four Business Schools in Asia. Among the Emerging Regional Business Schools category IIFT is seen as the lone Business School from India.

The category definitions and a report with detailed insights on Business Schools can be accessed at

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    1. Srikanth

      The Avg. GMAT scores above is for regular PGP programmes and you are talking about the averages for executive programmes.

  1. Firstly, the PGP course requires the CAT and GMAT is only for International applicants. Secondly, the data mentioned here is neither on IIM Bangalore website nor is any official corroborating it (when I called them).
    What is interesting is that this QS MBA data seems to be floating since 2009:
    To put things in perspective. Typically only around a few hundred students around the world score 780 and above on the GMAT. I find it very, very improbable that most of them end up applying to the IIM B PGP course as an International applicant.
    Clearly the data has issues. I am just trying to understand this data as I am part of the education community at India and mentor students for important career decisions. I believe it is in the best interest of everyone to know the truth and ensure misinformation doesn’t spread. I hope you appreciate my intention in writing this comment.

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