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IIM-B Girl Student Kills Self

A girl student (Malini Murmu) of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore has killed herself after reading the status message on Facebook. Obvious question would be what was the status message, which made Malini Murmu take such drastic step? The status message that had hurt Malini Murmu was of her boy friend’s (Abhishek Dhan) which read as “Feeling super cool today. Dumped my new ex-girlfriend. Happy independence day.” However there could be other reasons which can’t be ruled out.
The girl student had allegedly hanged herself in the college hostel, Malini Murmu is a native of Ranchi and had joined IIM Bangalore last year in the month of June. Previously she had been with Infosys as per source. Malini Murmu had left a suicide note on her laptop in which she claimed the reason as the ‘breakup ‘with her boyfriend.
It is such a sad incident related to love breakup, we could have not covered on careermitra blog but such incidents are not new earlier IIT Patna girl had committed suicide for not reaching her expectation in the academics. Such incidents shouldn’t have occured to anyone; our heart goes to the parents of Malini, it is the parents who feel the pain for years and years..
If a boyfriend or a girlfriend ditches, why should someone give such intolerable pain to the parents? If a student is not good at academics will the parents expect him/her to die?
Please think and don’t be insensitive to anything, as the saying goes “failure is only a resting place not a place one can live forever”. You are expected to bounce back and stay in the race, aren’t you?
Source: IBNLive
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  1. Madhurya

    She(Malini) would have not taken such a stupid decision (Being in such a reputed organisation and having a bright career ahead)which resulted a life-time pain and suffering in her family.
    my condolences to her family.

  2. Nidhi

    I dont undrstnd why people consider their life so cheap to get ended for anyone. My condlences to her family.


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