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Fake CBSE Facebook Page Beware!

When the Government of India especially Shri Kapil Sibal (Minister of Communications and Information Technology) signaled about screening objectionable content on the popular social networking site Facebook and search giant Google (in connection with You Tube and other networks). In an another instance Facebook comes into the spot light with a Fake Facebook page created by unknown Facebook user.

The ‘Fake CBSE’ Facebook page carries the official logo of CBSE and registered on Facebook as Government Organization. However TOI after speaking to CBSE officials reported that no such thing was ever created by any officials of CBSE and it is indeed a Fake page. The page attracted over 3530 likes and seemed to be active. Pretty sure many users have thought it as an official page of CBSE, the creators objectives are not known yet.

It is a common thing for some users to create fake pages of actors, brands or create movie official pages but mocking the Government entity is an unusual thing or rather an unethical or harmful incident. The blame will start on the social networking site; although they have no control on user generated content. It is practically not an easy affair for monitoring or screening all the user generated content. But as in to say any business shouldn’t take everything granted there are certain limitations about what they can do and what they can’t do and planning has to be done before something messes up.

Now the Indian Government is already saying that they wouldn’t mind to block Facebook or Google if they fail to comply with the law. So what are your views! Should the blame go on the user or on the innocent business giants like Facebook or Google. Share your views!

Link to TOI Article

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