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Exams turned out unexpected

With the recent paper leak of the All India Engineering / Architecture Entrance Exam AIEEE with nearly 12 Lakh test takers across India, exams in India are turning out to be unexpected and unusual. AIEEE 2011 was conducted two times once on May 1 2011 for nearly 11 lakh students and on May 11 2011 for approximately 34000 students. AIEEE has been rescheduled from 24 April 2011 to May 1 2011 in the vague of the paper leak the examination got delayed by 3 hours.
For students who couldn’t take the test due to AFMC entrance exam and other administrative reasons were first noticed the exam will be held on May 8 2011 and later postponed to May 11 2011. Although few students and parents headed to the respective test centers on May 8 and later learned the date has been postponed to May 11 2011.
CAT 2009 was a historical test failure, Common Admission Test (CAT) believed to be one of the most prestigious, toughest management entrance exam got messed in 2009 due to online system issues. CAT was held online for the first time in 2009.
If it can happen to CAT & AIEEE, what’s next…?
As a developing country where are we heading in shaping students careers? After all students prepare day in day out to secure admission in tier 1 colleges, unexpected outcomes are not expected and unexpected news is also not expected before they are ready to take the test. As you are not the same after mental stress..
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