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Engineering seats lying vacant across several States; AP takes the top spot

Several states in India are facing low student enrollments, the Engineering Colleges are so many that even if all eligible students from any CET take seats there will be many more left unoccupied. In Andhra Pradesh alone nearly 100,000 seats have no takers, 22 Engineering Colleges have not even filled a single seat. The number of Engineering Colleges are growing year by year, a total of 235,000 seats are available under EAMCET Convener quota in Andhra Pradesh.

Situation may not be so worse in other states but the other states are also seeing increase in vacant seats, Karnataka this year has about 24,000 vacant seats. The problem needs to be tackled and ensure that AICTE approves limited number of colleges in each City. But AICTE thinks it otherwise, AICTE is willing to approve more colleges willing to start for the academic year 2013-2014.

The entrance exams will soon be an easy task for students, as colleges want to pump in more number of eligible candidates. The day mayn’t be so far when a CET Math question might just ask 2*2 or 2+2 kind of questions. Our counter parts China and Singapore are producing quality well our nation is busy increasing the quantity.

Political leaders however say that in India the literacy rate is so high and one should educate youth to take up higher education. Logically speaking though there is a system of free education in Andhra Pradesh how many seats are remaining vacant? So where is the problem?

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