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Do We Need a Better Education System?

This year news which was making rounds was about the changes in education reforms. Common entrance exam for all engineering colleges, common medical entrance test for all medical colleges and a common management entrance test for all management colleges. Can it be possible? possible on one condition if there is uniformity in the syllabus and when the state governments say YES. There are obvious reasons why the state governments say NO.
India is one of the most diversified countries, the system what we saw till date was not among the best. Scams, political issues and corruption are just examples. Did government realize there is a need to change the education reforms or policies? Will having common entrance tests solve the problems? These remains unanswered; even ex IITians are not accepting to bring in a change in the selection process for IIT admissions. Future medicos say it is not wise to hold a common medical entrance test; reasons being non uniformity in the syllabuses followed by states.
Every one agrees there needs to be a change; how nice if the change comes in a systematic way instead of surprises? Still haven’t understood why MCI has postponing a critical decision on whether it will hold NEET or not? If MCI and CBSE decides to hold NEET why there is no say on the syllabus? Why the forms for NEET PG has not been announced?
There is no way of taking a decision in a hurry because it involves all the states, private colleges & universities and their acceptance. Had the process started earlier things would have been better.
The scenario of management entrance exams:
The decision of holding a common entrance test will be a wise decision. But what could be the entrance exam; format, duration, syllabus, model papers what will happen to these key features. It has to be announced and a decision has to be taken soon, say the rules before the game begins. There is no possibility that a question paper of CAT standard can be cracked by every one and common management aptitude test will not help shortlist students for tier 1 business schools like IIMs. So IIMs will be spared, similarly FMS and other reputed business schools will take the IIM route, then the common management entrance test will only be for the business schools which only makes noise.
For engineering colleges:
It is likely that AIEEE & IITJEE will be clubbed and the government will propose a new entrance test which will be accepted by IITs, NITs, IISC and other reputed engineering colleges. Again the so called not so good engineering colleges will need to have a different written examination. Currently there are as many engineering seats as the number of students who appear for engineering entrance exam. There is a chance that everybody gets a seat; then why should somebody impose any entrance exam criteria for colleges; wouldn’t it be fine if colleges consider academics, extracurricular activities and future ambitions of the student and select them for engineering college admission. When will we say good bye to rote learning? mugging up formulas, deriving theorems which are already derived by somebody else. Why there is no practical emphasis, today’s employer not only needs academics but looks a prospective job seeker in all angles possible. Why don’t we start giving wait to activities beyond books & class room.
In western and developed countries the education system is different; no mugging up, no need of memorizing formulae, no percentages instead they give grades, no criticizing for low or poor performance instead you will be asked to do an assignment and earn extra credits. You will be given a formulae sheet which you can carry for the test; apply the formula and solve the problem. Yes, you are tested for solving the problem not for remembering the formula.
Change has to come; it’s the time we wake up and stay competitive and be among the developed nations. There is no size fits for all but for sure there is something or the other in every individual lets encourage that single aspect that can keep the individual shine. Be it be arts, sports, direction or teaching lets make a way for every one to survive it is not just about engineers & doctors opportunities needs to open up for others too.
Share your thoughts, your suggestions are welcome!

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  1. sharada

    Nice idea of clubbing the iit and AIEEE exams. It saves many children becoming wexed with the repeated entrances they need to attend and the presuure of getting a seat in a good college.
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    i listened at least two times that Mr Obama (president USA) ,praised educational system of India and his lecture a fear seemed for loosing the battle in education against these two COUNTRIES .So we(our Leaders) must help American by changing our educational lets us change whole education and do it like American are doing.
    SO dear great leaders do this as early as possible.


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