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ECE remains preferred Engineering Specialization

Of the several specializations in Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) remains the most preferred specialization. Taking in count of number of seats occupied in Engineering Colleges across different states, most number of seats are filled in ECE Branch. Though India is marked as country with more IT job opportunities, the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is seeming less attractive. Several seats are left out in this stream. One of the main reasons being, IT companies prefer candidates from any stream for example candidates from Mechanical Branch too get into a Software Role if He or She is versed with Technology.

The best students can do is to take any stream of their choice and privately enrol for IT courses. Over the past 5 to 8 years are so that has been the trend, students learn latest technologies like J2EE, JAVA, PERL etc and make themselves available to several job opportunities. Unfortunately students specialized in Computer Science mayn’t get an opportunity to work in other domains.

As we recently reported, several public sector companies like HPCL, NTPL etc recruit students on the basis of GATE an entrance test for postgraduate engineering courses. Such companies mostly invite students from streams other Computer Science & Information Technology. However the pros of going for Computer Science stream is much bigger than just going for an IT developer or Support Job, in several instances MNC companies like Infosys, Wipro etc send in their employees for ONSITE opportunity thus providing an opportunity to earn a few more Rupees.

Share your views! Which specialization in Engineering you think is more attractive these days?

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