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Drafting Syllabus a Concern for the Common Medical Entrance Test

Couple of days ago we have written about the proposal made by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Union health ministry to conduct a common medical entrance test for admissions into medical colleges in India. As per the proposal CBSE was asked to conduct the test and MCI will set the syllabus for the common entrance test.
Even before the proposal was approved few states has raised concerns and expressed dissatisfaction about the new proposal. Reasons being the difficulty in drafting a common syllabus for all States, DNA has reported that the “Karnataka government has opposed the decision to conduct a national-level single common entrance test for medical undergraduate courses from next year”. The reason quoted was non uniformity in the syllabus across various boards & states.
Orissa government too has raised concern stating the local students from the respective states will be effected if a common entrance test is conducted, the Orissa government also expressed concern about home state’s students future if they don’t qualify in the proposed Common Entrance Test. – As reported by TOI
The center’s decision is awaited on the Common Entrance Test for Medical College admissions.
What is your opinion? Is it fair to have a common entrance test for medical colleges, how will this benefit a medical student aspirant? Do share your views!
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  1. sajeer

    cet will not be a fair decision

    1. Dr Rakesh Kumar

      the common entrance is a much needed and long overdue reform of the medical education system. currently the medical admissions consist primarily of “rich Daddy quota” seats wherein the highest bidder gets the seat .. securing admissions has very little to do with the capabilities of the candidate and more to do with the capabilities of the candidates parents paying ability..thus throwing up incompetent Doctors. this has to STOP.
      a common entrance if conducted using the latest technology will prevent paper leakages and compel the private colleges and deemed universities to admit based on merit. as long as the state quotas and constitutionally mandated reservations are not disturbed i don’t think it will cause any problems. as for the apprehension about change in pattern the new core syllabus being notified in advance will help mitigate the inconvenience. since the change will be new for all students it will not be of unfair advantage / disadvantage to anybody. it is about time India adopted a clean and corruption free merit based examination system for both undergraduate and post graduate medical admissions.

  2. deshpande

    I completely agree with Dr.Rakesh Kumar’s views that it is high time that an all India Common Entrance Test is in place. The sooner it is done the better.

  3. akshay

    simply saving of time and money for students.a very welcome step,must be implimented soon.all objections that are comming either from inefficient or local level influential people.

  4. Sagar

    The decision to conduct CET is quite faulty.

  5. pghosh

    CET is a very welcome move by MCI and govt of India.States which r used to selling seats will only object.MCI should not listen to these corrupt states and be firm in implementing this CET.

  6. abi

    very good be prepare for a common syllabi and also for engineering
    take forward

  7. aseem joshi

    its ok if common entrance is there, but state quota should be reserved for home state students, as per the present practice,so that interest of state student is protected.

  8. mndinesh

    super!!!!!!!!!!!! i am prepared

  9. Don’t remove human physiology remove plant physiolgy.

  10. Ajay

    The common entrance will be a boon for the students and the profession will be cleansed, a great step forwards. Thanks to all concerned. The only concern is the syllabus and to check that the syllabus determines the basic intellegence and not the mugging up capabilities of a potential medical student. India has a great power, the power of youth and a world leading capability, we need only a merit based society now. Lets think of ways to make our education content world leading and not depend on foreign education to be recognised in India.Jai Hind

  11. Subho,westbengal

    It is too difficalt for 2012 aspirant case the slybus is differnt .it is more than 30% form the state slybus. Short time for prepare for state board student. It is not fare in 2012.


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