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Distance Education for Technical Courses Ruled Out

V S Acharya Honorable Minister for Higher Education has ruled out the option of offering technical courses in distance mode. The minister has said AICTE will not permit Colleges & Universities to offer professional technical courses as distance mode keeping in view of the students future.
A right decision because distance mode courses will not have value as courses like engineering can’t be taught with out classroom lectures, the future of the students will be at stake because these courses will not fetch jobs.
Distance education or distance learning is a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technology with the aim of delivering teaching, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom. It has been described as “a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both”.
Class room lectures and regular assignments will benefit students as they have an option of consulting a lecturer or tutor for clarifications. Peers will also add value to a course, learning happens primarily through peer interaction and class room discussions, the same can’t be guaranteed through distance mode.
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  1. Manoj Kumar P.S

    Respected Sir
    KSOU is running distance mode M.Tech(IT) since 2008 july, and it has a minimum of 2 years and a maximum duration of 4,and most of their clients are IT professionals with B.E/M.C.A/M.Sc(It), and so what about their future?.I agree 100% regarding AICTE approval.But don’t propagate bad opinion about distance mode of learning , because in B.E/B.Tech(of VTU and similar) the quality of question papers were
    proportionately decreased due to local text books and the influence of book end questions in examinations. I am proud of IGNOU and its M.C.A program were 70-80% of the questions are unsolved questions from international text books !! what about VTU ? are they asking any unsolved questions from international text books the so called Foreign authors.Now let us come to another side of distance mode KARAVE is fighting against Tamil Nadu universitie, but what about KSOU ? The virtual education trust? really sir very painful situation very hard to digest may it requires another Lokayuktha enquiry.
    So every where we have good and bad, but it is the Government to stream line them , there may be many Abdul Kalams ! in distance mode also
    Thanking You Sir
    Manoj Kumar P.S

  2. nemichand

    I have taken admission in M.Tech through KSOU University and now technical minister as well as Honorable supreme court have ruled against technical education through distance that, this mode will not will not be valid and the degree will not be recognized no where in India or else where in that case what should i do i have give fees and study center authority is not agree to consider the statement of minister and supreme court then what should i do. is this type of mode is still valid.
    Please give me satisfying answer
    Thank You

    1. vidya sagar maurya

      wher eis suprem court decision please tell me. I also doing M Tech from KSOU

  3. bhushan

    Thanks a lot for such a nice and knowledgeable post of Distance Education…
    Keep posting…

  4. Manoj Kumar P.S

    In P.U department there are many lecturers with NET and Phd but both higher education department and the Government is silent about their fundamental issues. A primary teacher after getting a B.A;B.Ed will promote to High school (article 32), and a High school teacher in the same manner getting promotion to P.U College, and there is no entrance exam to rest their ability and majority of them achieved it by copying in the exam.But a PU college lecturer entered through merit will have no provision to serve in higher education.Is it justice sir?
    Hope you can understand this serious issue and can help thousands of NET candidates working in PU department.
    Thanking You Yours Sincerely
    Manoj Kumar P.S

  5. If distance learning Eng degree is not valid, why the government not stooping these distance learning university's.


  7. Thank’s for your information. It’s really nice and informative.

  8. Thanks for posting such a nice one, It is informative and very useful for me

  9. care all

    anyone who is interested to know about the latest regarding through distance mode, he must go through the judgement of double bench of hon’ble high court of punjab & haryana. ( PIL in kartar singh vs state of punjab case).
    it has been held by hob’ble court that thhrough distance mode is invalid. this judgement has now been challenged in hon’ble supreme court of indial and listed for 21.1.13 (vijay kumar and ors Vs kartar singh and ors).
    a thorough study of this judgement will make u understand the whole issue.

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  11. vidya sagar maurya

    why only engineering all distance course shoud be stoped.

  12. vidya sagar maurya

    Govt is failed to van the the university who provide unautheresd courses

  13. Right,Good to see these useful info here..Thanks a lot for sharing them with us….

  14. zafrulla khan

    dear sir
    The very concept of distance mode like AMIE, is to provide certification for those capable in the field but missed out for any reason.
    The solution for this is not to relegate totally, but to admit only those with experience in particular field, may be a experience certificate or a admission test. Total ban will deprive many hopes for promotions, up gradations etc.
    Distance mode is universal and has to be with us too, may be in a bit alteration.

  15. zafrulla khan

    Dear Sir
    This is a welcome step in portion. Portion because total distance technical course is for those with knowledge, have no certifications, eg a person with say DME with 5 years experience is stuck, he cannot go to regular institution, the only option open is D.E, and that his write and it cannot be taken away.
    Yes it should have some modifications like 1. Not admit fresh students. 2.Have age limit. 3 May be with experience certificate of 3 to 5 years etc 4. May attach some practical classes or labs or make face to face compulsory. etc, total ban is non democratic, and not in public interest.
    If technical courses are banned then why AMIE which is going on, hence it needs lots of public debate and then also may be a good solution can be worked out.

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