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Last Date to Apply for Rescheduled AIEEE 2011

Just a reminder in case if you are taking the AIEEE on May 11 2011, May 5 2011 is the last date to register online to appear for the rescheduled AIEEE. In order to know who can take AIEEE on May 11 2011, please read our last post here. The admit cards of such eligible candidates can be downloaded from the CBSE Website from 09 May 2011 onwards.To Register for the retest of AIEEE, Please visit here.
As per sources CBSE has formed a committee to design the re test question paper of AIEEE to be held on May 11 2011 from 9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M in 38 Cities across India. The new question paper will be in par with the May 1 2011 question paper with respect to the level of difficulty. This will not only ensure the exam is uniform for all the test takers but will certainly pose a risk of finding out of the box question to avoid repetition with already conducted AIEEE 2011 on May 1 2011.
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