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How Do I Choose A Business School?

With Business Schools mushrooming in India in all parts of the country, the typical question that arises is ‘How do I choose a business school’? The question isn’t so simple to answer; there are many parameters one need to consider before opting ‘Business School A’ over ‘Business School B’.

Case 1: The Study Boys

To start with the basics assume you are a gem and cracked CAT, XAT or SNAP with a high score; certainly you will be hoping to secure either in IIMs, XLRIs, Symbiosis, MDI Gurgaon, SP Jain Mumbai and so on. Each business school has a cutoff point and would invite students based on their entrance exam scores. In such cases you would opt the best among the best, so no worries infact everyone hope to get into IIM Ahmedabad or IIM Bangalore but again there are people who may outperform you. Settle with the best or try moving abroad.

I have known of my friend who had written CAT with least preparation (he is IIT Madras Graduate) and managed to score 98%le odd some 4 years back and he didn’t want to even consider joining any other business schools other than IIMs (the top 3). As expected he didn’t get any call so he was happy to leave the option of joining MBA in India and went to study in USA in a reputed business school.

The point why I am mentioning the above example is because there are options based on what you want in life. If you are of the view to pursue MBA anywhere in the world there are better business schools than the IIMs (example London Business School). Please note that for doing masters in a reputed business school work experience is very much preferred though it is a criteria in India it is not a must.

Case 2: The Party Boys

Let us take an example of not cracking CAT, you have done great or average in an entrance exam like MAT; what options you have. You get a bunch of brochures from business schools which you didn’t opt for. The confusion starts there, as if it is not enough the tele callers join the party asking you to attend GD or PI. So whom should you trust in such cases?

Your research: You may have done some research on the internet and shortlisted few business schools yourself or some of your friends suggested some colleges so these are your choices. Now attend the GD & PI of these colleges by filling application forms separately to each college and compete.

Finally you know that you haven’t done that great in GD & PI process but surprisingly you get admission in that college; a typical example suggesting that GD & PI is only for the sake of having. So again you get confused should I trust this college.

When I speak to students especially MBA aspirants they suggested they would see the ranking of the college, placement of the college, faculty of the college and infrastructure of the college. Finally I ask them, whom would you ask these details? The answer is we will ask the college itself before taking the admission. Hmm… so you want to rely on the data that the colleges give to you? Again I am not suggesting or hinting anything this is just an ask yourself question.

The confusions are plenty but you have to take a choice as quickly as you can, top business schools don’t wait for you they will close the admission process as soon as the seats gets filled.

The Solution

Typically you should consider factors like:

  1. The Degree: It’s validity, University etc
  2. The Course: Do they offer the specialization you are looking at
  3. The Cost: Are they charging too much for nothing
  4. Batch Size: Do they have 100 members in one batch or too less like 10 members
  5. Establishment: How many batches passed out so far
  6. Finance: Does this college has loan agreements with banks
  7. Reputation: Good or Bad (Is this business school involved in any controversy, there are few business schools which are in trouble, I am not naming them)

and more….

We are not concluding the article as we wanted to show you the level of assessment that we do before giving an advice to students on choosing a business school. If you are a business school aspirant you can talk to us asap to get genuine feedback on case by case basis.

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