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CBI Caught AICTE Officials While Taking Bribe In The Name Of Accreditation

According to highly placed sources CBI officials have caught three AICTE officials while they are taking bribe from three Engineering Colleges. The Directors of the colleges were in negotiation with the AICTE officials; these colleges didn’t meet the minimum criteria for AICTE accreditation. Somehow the college management wants to get through the approval process, according to a report 12 Gold coins and Rs. 12 Lacs were recovered from a hotel room where the deal took place.

AICTE is an apex body which regulates Technical & Management education in India, several colleges strive to get a pass mark from AICTE to brand their Institute as AICTE approved. In the process certain lower rung Engineering & Management colleges look for an alternative method to get away with the approval process without meeting the criteria specified by AICTE.

As per the guidelines specified by AICTE for the approval process; the factors that are considered are infrastructure, land, computer lab, library, basic amenities and several others a comprehensive report (link) has been released lately by Dr. SS Mantha the present chairman of AICTE. It is so sad that some officials are taking advantage of the situation, the accused are produced in the court yesterday according to a report. Justice is awaited!

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With inputs from & IBN Live.

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  1. Jayakumar

    Todays TOI carries 327 AICTE approved business colleges derecognized by AICTE is a clear example of dissatisfied officials of AICTE perhaps not properly taken care by managements.DO AICTE officials know the repurcassions because of their filthy approach affecting lakhs of students-MERA BHARATH MAHAAN playing with young and bright Indian students.


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