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British Council Announces IELTS Scholarship Award 2011

IELTS is a comprehensive test of the complete range of English language skills, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. British Council has announced the British Council IELTS Scholarship award for 2011.
Eight successful scholarship award winners will receive an award of Rs. 3,00,000/- each towards the cost of tuition fees. The award winners will begin a full time postgraduate programme at any overseas university that uses IELTS as a part of its admission requirements and as a reliable measure of English language proficiency.
The British Council IELTS is immensely popular with Indian students. IELTS is recognised by over 6,000 institutions in 125 countries worldwide as reliable measure of English skills. The choice of universities is wide for Indian students with over 2500 institutions and programmes in the US alone, accepting IELTS. The scholarship programme directly benefits both individuals and the countries from which they come, while at the same time promoting higher education links India and other countries. Scholarships are also being awarded in three other Asian countries with a total investment of £60,000 / US$90,000 / Rs. 42,00,000.”

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  1. nagaraju katikala

    Respected Sir/madam,
    My name is nagaraju i want write IELTS exam on 30th july.I have eligibility applying for british council scholarship 2011.Please tel me soon.

  2. hamza khalid

    Respected SIR/MADAM
    My name is hamza khalid iam appearing IELTS EXAM on 20th AUG.Does i have
    the eligibility applying for british council scholarship 2011.Please tell
    me soon.

    1. Srikanth

      Hi Khalid, students should ‘Be able to provide an acceptance letter from the attending institution by 13 August 2011’. You need to be admitted in a college by August 13, 2011. You will not be eligible for this.

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    There are a number of scholarships that you can apply for depending on the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.


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