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AIEEE 2012: Offline Exam Was Easy, Poor Infra & Power Failures Put Off Students

The offline All India Engineering Entrance Examination concluded yesterday, as per reports the test was easy Chemistry paper was the easiest among the lot, while Physics & Mathematics was average. TOI reported that students who have taken the test in Tier 2 cities were put off with poor infrastructure & power failures. Students who have appeared in Guntur, Warangal & Tirupathi faced these problems as the test centers lacked proper infrastructure.

Mistakes in AIEEE 2012 Offline Test

There were few mistakes in the offline test, TOI reported as “officials accepted that there were errors in the B Tech section of the examination. In chemistry section, Code C, question number 11 and 24, had more than one answers. In mathematics, code C, question number 36 was ambiguous with no answers. Also, in math question number 51 the given data was not sufficient to get an answer. B Arch question paper was comparatively easy with math section throwing up little surprises. “

An approximate 10,00,000 students have opted for the offline version of the test, 196,000 students have opted for the online mode of test which will be held on May 7, May 12, May 19 and May 26.

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  1. rajni kushwaha

    very easy but very lenthy paper in this year

  2. Meena Rawat

    In Code -C Question No.5 answer is 3 or 1 some institutes given 1 while narayana IIT given 3 which is right

    1. shubham

      In 5th question the statement in symbol : p->q
      and it asked its negation so we have to answer : ~(p->q)
      which is ~(p->q)= p^~q which is described by first statement in code c so first option is correct one.

  3. amit kumar singh

    can any body please tell me about “aieee 2012 online paper 7th may ” tough or easy than offline……

  4. ghanta

    aieee 2012 bahut hi jyada kathin tha so pls dont try this at hme


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