C.S.I. Ewart Matriculation Higher Secondary School

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93, Dr. Alagappa Road Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 600084
About C.S.I. Ewart Matriculation Higher Secondary School

C.S.I Ewart Marticulation Higher Secondary School (Ewart, pronounced U-urt) is a private Christian school founded on 1913 in Chennai, India. It gained matriculation status in 1945, and is now managed by the Church of South India, Madras Diocese.


C.S.I Ewart Marticulation Higher Secondary School mainly serves the communities of Purasawalkam, Vepery, Egmore, Kilpauk, Perambur, Sowcarpet. Ewart is fully accredited and is a member of the State School association.


The classrooms are co-educational until 5th standard after which they become girls only. Ewart has become the first school in Tamil Nadu to adopt the use of electronic whiteboards in day to day teaching.


Ewart school culture



Interact Club is a service-oriented club whose goal is to help the less fortunate. Some of the club's missions have been to collect and distribute old clothes during Christmas, or visit Old Age homes to cheep up the residents there. All 11th standard students are automatically part of this club whose members are known as "Interacters". The club has its own organizational hierarchy with a president, director, treasurer, secretary and committee members.


Nature Club is for nature enthusiasts of the school to meet together. Club events include walks around the campus to identify new plants and animals, discussions about the medicinal properties plants in daily life, and quiz competitions on plant identification.


Literary Club is a book club where literary plays and dramas are discussed. Club members organize plays and write poetry.


Cosmetology Club emphasizes preserving beauty naturally through diet, posture, and choice of clothes. Club members learn manicuring and pedicuring, hairstyles, oil massage and simple face packs.


Art Club members learn glass painting, pot decoration, flower making, flower arrangement and pencil shading.


Sports Club members participate in sports such as table tennis, chess, volley ball, athletics and badminton.


Junior Red Cross members help with hospital services, blood bank and HIV/AIDS programmes.


Guides and Bulbuls club is for outdoor enthusiasts. Club members head out on trails. In 2009 club members hosted a camp on the school campus.


Cookery Club members come together to learn and share knowledge about cooking. Members experiment with exotic dishes.




Annual events


Sports Day - annually in July, sports day is a one-day competitive event among the five houses in challenges including most track and field events, march past, bicycle races, and dance performances.


Prize Day - In August, prizes are distributed to the winners of the events that took place during Sports Day. Other prizes, like the General proficiency prize and Best girl award, are distributed on this day.


Pastiche is an inter-school cultural event in which 20-30 schools from Chennai participate in to win contests. It is organized by the Interact club, which consists of all the 11th std. students.


Inter house Dramatics - The five houses compete for first place. The event provides a platform for the students to showcase their talents in acting.

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