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Bhatnagar International School, B X Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi, India - 110070
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About Bhatnagar International School

Bhatnagar International School is a modern and progressive institution; right from its inception in 1990 it’s a vision translated into reality with a mission to create leaders, winners and achievers in a global world. It embodies the very philosophy of our reverend founder Dr.V.K.Bhatnagar to shape up and mould students in such a manner that they are dedicated to the cause of the overall progress of the society, blending traditions with progressive change.

Bhatnagar International School firmly believes that value based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever changing environment.At the senior secondary level the school has two streams science and commerce and our results are excellent.

Bhatnagar International School provides requisite infrastructure facilities as per the requirement. The surrounding are amicable, environment friendly with viridian green belt and the building is well ventilated with ample sunlight for ideal healthy condition.

There is no thoroughfare or public passage through any part of the school premises; and the school building or the grounds are not used for commercial or residential purposes or non-educational activity of any kind.

Bhatnagar International School building is an imposing, architectural marvel to house 1200-1500 students in spacious well equipped class rooms with all modern facilities and state of the art laboratories.

Bhatnagar International School entrance opens into a well tended lush green grassy park . Students plant saplings and tend them with loving care. This green zone is their own so they take care of it and nurture it along with the gardeners. This paves a valuable lesson of caring for the flora and fauna. The school believes in grooming its green brigade to value Mother Nature.

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