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Aman Setu - My school, 90/1, Lohegaon - Wagholi road,Lohegoan, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411014.
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Aman Setu is a picturesque school located on the outskirts of Pune. The team at Aman Setu is a group of idealistic teachers with the passion of their commitment.

Aman Setu dreams of a peaceful future for our children. Hence we call our dream school the Bridge of Peace. Here children learn to work,play and live together in harmony with other children of varying class, caste, religion and linguistic groups. Our carefully structured demography ensures a healthy mix representing the plurality of our country.

Learning is experiential in Aman Setu. Children are surrounded by plants and animals. They learn from nature through a specially designed curriculum. Each project/ topic/ subject is linked to real life.

Our commitment to an ecosensitive life style is visible in our choice of building material and the way our curriculum is organized. We have built using locally found materials only, and to a large extent we use recycled crates, bottles and even a bus shell.

Aman Setu curriculum is organised in interlinking themes which stress the underlying values of love, peace, respect, courage, hard work, responsibility and balance. The core principle is the belief that we are all interrelated and interdependent and part of one universal reality.

Aman Setu believes in unlimited human potential. We know that given a nurturing environment, enough support and challenge, your child will attain his/ her promise following his/her own unique learning curve. Our task is to provide the appropriate learning experiences and development opportunities.

We have very active interactions between teachers and parents.

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